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While shopping for Thanksgiving, Positive Impact 2's Founder Cathy Burds was accosted by a man she did not know who tried to pull her service dog, Justice, right out of her hands.

Stan Bush from Channel 4 News interviewed her about the experience.

“In the moment when someone is telling you they’re going to take away your dog, it’s like telling someone ‘I need your wheelchair, get out.’"


(Photo credit: CBS)

Sexual trauma resides with us.
Sexual trauma victims, and their inner circle of friends, family, and colleagues, need meaningful healing connection and communication. Given the prevalence of sexual trauma, almost no one is truly insulated. Both direct victims and those impacted by their suffering deserve connection to the right resources for their very specialized and typically very complex circumstances. And, they need clear, consistent communication. These are daunting tasks indeed given the incredibly diverse population of women, men, children and even babies terrorized by sexual trauma.

Positive Impact 2 (PI2) is a fledgling organization whose mission is expanding awareness, influence, and reach of sexual trauma-related service organizations among those they serve, stakeholders, and funders. PI2 serves as a sexual trauma connection and communication network pairing survivors of all ages and circumstances with resources best suited to nurturing and healing them. PI2’s vision is to help create a society where sexual trauma survivors thrive, heal, and pay it forward to others in need. 

Justice Speaks
Who is Justice, and why is she staring up a tree?

Justice, Cathy Burds’ service dog for hearing impairment and PTSD issues, is both a “mascot” for Positive Impact 2 and an important reminder of the many tools that exist today to help the sexually traumatized.

The green tree is a poignant symbol of what can be accomplished when motivated, dedicated, and inspired thinkers aspire to achieve a better life—whether it’s for themselves, their families and friends, or in the case of organizations and causes, the constituents they serve.

The pile of waste and trash below symbolizes where too many sexual trauma survivors reside until or unless they get the help needed to find a more positive and productive place in their lives. Our Job 1 is to support the sexually traumatized and those who serve their needs to become more empowered and effective in this herculean fight.

Justice Speaks for all of them. 

Cathy Burds and her service dog, Justice. 

A Letter from Cathy Burds, Founder
A small child still in diapers is ensnared in Colombia, South America’s sex trafficking trade. A 10-year-old girl is sexually assaulted by her older brother, triggering lifelong incest trauma. I saw the child, and 19 others aged 0-5 rescued from sex trafficking slavery. I was the 10-year-old girl.

I have dedicated my life to empowering survivors of sexual trauma in all its forms to heal, thrive, and pay it forward to others so desperately needing help...READ MORE



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